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Texas Group Health Insurance

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Group Health Insurance?

Healthcare Consultants,Inc.(HCI) offers a wide variety of Texas health insurance plans for groups, individuals and families. As a general agent, HCI represents many carriers of group and individual health insurance plans and we are licensed to represent their full range of products and services. Click on tabs below :

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Individuals & Families

If you currently hold an individual policy, it will be changing in 2016. New plans will take effect in January 2016 and may or may not be similar to what you currently have. You will have the option of purchasing a new plan inside or outside the exchange and you may qualify for a subsidy inside the exchange. Certain individuals and families will be eligible for subsidies to help offset the cost of health insurance premiums. These premium tax credits can either be used to lower the cost of your monthly premiums or be collected as a lump sum on your federal income tax return. A family of four could earn up to approximately $98,000 a year and still qualify. Not only will your new health insurance be affordable, but it will be guaranteed to offer a basic foundation of coverage so you no longer have to purchase additional add-ons for essential care like maternity care or mental health and substance abuse services.


Small Businesses

HCI can take the headache out of dealing with your health insurance plan and benefits. Your Human Resources Department can put the burden on us to answer any and all employee questions. Also, they can expect us to assist in all the following time-saving and cost-saving ways:

    • Installing the benefits plan and communicating it to your employees
    • Assisting with claim problems that the employees or employer may have
    • Assisting with addition or deletion of employees
    • Guiding you through continuation or COBRA concerns
    • Providing Guidance for Healthcare Reform

Large Businesses

Companies seeking to avoid penalties from the IRS and federal government, need to know about MEC plans. If you have over 50 full-time employees, you are required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to offer minimum essential coverage. This coverage should supply your employees with at a minimum preventative care. The problem is, there are countless health insurance plans in Texas, and knowing which one is right for your business can be challenging.
Let’s take a look at how MEC plans factor into Houston health insurance coverage plans for employers, and what penalties you could face if you fail to cover your employees.